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London City Airport’s Royal Docks Meet the Buyer event delivers over £1 million of business transactions so far


London City Airport’s Royal Docks Meet the Buyer event delivers over £1 million of business transactions so far

A Meet the Buyer event held in the Royal Docks in April 2018, and fully funded by London City Airport, has already generated over £1 million of business transactions, with this figure predicted to rise to £1.3 million.

The inaugural Royal Docks Meet the Buyer event, at the Aloft London Excel, brought together 132 suppliers, including 22 companies from the London Borough of Newham. The event gave local businesses and SMEs the chance to meet major buyers in London’s Royal Docks, including those in the airport’s supply chain and involved in its transformative £480m development programme.

The event builds on London City Airport’s existing supply chain record, which equates to a £34.5m spend annually with East London businesses, including 29 businesses from the airport’s home borough of Newham, representing around 37% of the airport’s contracts – worth over £30 million.

Companies that have been successful in securing business from the event include Tower Hamlets video production partner, Cherryduck; and Woolwich firm, Absolute Hygiene Solutions Ltd, which received a contract from Aloft London Excel. Canary Wharf Group Ltd is also predicted to commission work for Romford-based British interiors brand, Brennon & Burch.

Robert Sinclair, CEO of London City Airport, said:
“We are passionate about creating business opportunities at the airport and within London’s Royal Docks – an exciting enterprise zone in the heart of Newham.

“Our single event in April is on course to generate £1.3 million of transactions and as the four-year development programme continues, we will do even more to engage and collaborate with local businesses so they can continue to share the benefits of the area’s regeneration.”

The 19 buyers present at April’s event are all based close to, or working in, London’s Royal Docks – actively sourcing, issuing tenders, obtaining quotes and awarding supplier contracts. Expertise was sought in a variety of sectors including construction, engineering, facilities management and IT services.

Newham buyers included the University of East London, BP Installations, Aloft London Excel, and Multiplex, the main contractor for the ABP development in Royal Albert Dock. International firms Bechtel (the airport’s delivery partner) and BAM Nuttall (a major development contractor) were also present.

The figure released today is based on the 3-month assessment of the event by co-organisers BE Group. Plans are being made to repeat the Meet the Buyer event on an even larger scale, in collaboration with London Borough of Newham, in spring 2019.

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Brussels Airport wins award for the best network development and airline marketing in the world


Brussels Airport wins award for the best network development and airline marketing in the world

At the World Routes event in Guangzhou in China, Brussels Airport has won the overall World Routes 2018 Marketing Award, and also took home the World Routes Award in the category of 20 to 50 million passengers. Brussels Airport previously won this overall award in both 2012 and 2014; this is the first time that an airport has won the award on three separate occasions.

The prestigious international prize rewards the airport for the exceptional growth of the network of direct connections and the good collaboration with airlines when they launch new routes or further develop existing services.

“Brussels Airport focuses fully on strengthening the connectivity of our country in order to offer both leisure and business travellers a network with the widest possible range of direct connections. The World Routes 2018 Marketing Award is the recognition of this successful strategy. It is also a highly deserved accolade for the team of Aviation Development for the support they offer airlines”, says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.

The network of Brussels Airport has grown over the last 12 months with 2 new passenger airlines (Cathay Pacific and Georgian Airways) and 15 new destinations. In 2019, there is already the prospect of a new airline, Primera Air and the new destination of Boston.

The World Routes event is the highlight of the year and unparalleled meeting place for airports and airlines. Brussels Airport is there with a large team to present our airport to more than 70 airlines and organisations. As in previous years, Brussels Airport is once again organising the now well-known and highly appreciated Brussels Café in the exhibition hall.

What are the Routes Marketing Awards?
The Routes Marketing Awards honour airports who excel in airline marketing. Brussels Airport was automatically nominated to compete for the World Routes 2018 Marketing Awards after the airport won the overall Europe World Routes Marketing Award earlier this year plus the award in its own category of more than 20 million passengers.

The winners are chosen by the airlines themselves. The awards have been presented since 1997 in various categories:

 fewer than 4 million passengers
 4 to 20 million passengers
 20 to 50 million passengers
 more than 50 million passengers

One of the winners also receives the overall World Routes Marketing Award. In addition to the airport award there is also a “Destination award” for tourism organisations. Last year, the “Individual award for outstanding contribution to route development” was presented for the first time. The prize was awarded to Léon Verhallen, Head of Aviation Development of Brussels Airport Company, and was an implicit recognition of the work of the whole team.

The World Routes 2018 Marketing Awards are an initiative of Routes, a company that wants to stimulate network development throughout the world by, for example,
publishing more news about this and by organising network events for airports and airlines.

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Continued growth at Copenhagen Airport


Continued growth at Copenhagen Airport

The long-haul, intercontinental air routes in particular brought more passengers through Copenhagen Airport during this year’s final summer month. Compared to last year, there were 5.2% more passengers in August.

This August, 2.9 million travellers passed through Copenhagen Airport. This was 142,991 more than in the same month last year, representing an increase of 5.6%. There were both more domestic passengers and more passengers travelling within Europe, but the highest growth was recorded on the long-haul, intercontinental routes, where there were 15.9% more passengers this August than in the same month last year. Copenhagen Airport’s CEO, Thomas Woldbye, is delighted with the figures.

“During the past year, a number of new routes have opened,” says Thomas Woldbye, “and these routes in particular are having a real impact on passenger numbers now. The routes to Delhi, Hong Kong and Amman did not exist last year, but there is also growth on many of the old routes. By way of example, this August Air China’s service to Beijing resulted in almost 50% more passengers on this particular route. Later this year, another route to China will open, namely to Chengdu. This will not only give Danes the option to travel directly, but also make it easier for tourists to come here,” says Thomas Woldbye.

However, it is not just on the long-haul routes that passenger numbers are on the increase. European traffic grew by 3.9%, with 90,613 more passengers on the 20,290 flights between CPH and the European destinations in August. Turkey in particular, is on the way up again, following the decline of recent years.

“For a time, there has been a decrease in the number of travellers to Turkey, but the trend has been reversed this year. In particular, the classic tourist destinations are attracting more passengers, including Antalya, where there were 47% more passengers in August, and Gazipasa, which had 133% more,” says Thomas Woldbye.

Thomas Woldbye also notes that there is growth in the number of passengers transferring at CPH. In August, the figure rose by 4.5%.

London is still the most common destination, with 197,260 passengers in August, followed by Oslo and Stockholm. So far this year, more than 20.5 million people have passed through CPH, 3.6% more than in the same period last year.

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