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CPH Traffic Statistics: The holiday season has landed at Copenhagen Airport


CPH Traffic Statistics: The holiday season has landed at Copenhagen Airport

This year, the busy Easter period falls in April, as opposed to mainly March last year. As expected, this meant that passenger figures fell by 0.4% to just under 2.4 million. But in Copenhagen Airport, the holiday season is now off to a flying start. The airlines’ summer programme features 24 new international routes.


In March, a total of 2,373,332 travellers passed through Copenhagen Airport’s terminals: a slight drop of 0.4% compared to the same month last year.


“The week before Easter is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. This year Easter does not fall until April, as opposed to March last year. As expected, this is reflected in the March traffic statistics”, explains Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airport.

Consequently, in March there was a slight decrease in both European flights and domestic traffic. However, the long-haul routes continued to make impressive progress – 8.1% in March. This meant that 333,000 passengers flew on the long-haul international routes out of Europe.

The holiday season is starting
Thomas Woldbye also adds that the holiday season has now really taken off with the numerous new routes that the airlines have just announced – both all-year-round and summer routes. There are a total of 24 new routes in the summer programme.

“The season of major public holidays is now starting, for example, Whitsunday, Easter, Ascension and General Prayer Day. This is traditionally when lots of people take short holidays, and this year there are even more holiday destinations to choose from”, says Thomas Woldbye.

The airlines are offering countless new routes, particularly to France. There will be new all-year-round routes to Nantes and Bordeaux, and summer routes to Toulouse and Marseilles on the Mediterranean.

The United Kingdom has also acquired a number of new routes, ranging from Liverpool and London’s Southend Airport to the coastal town of Newquay in Cornwall. There are also several new travel options to Eastern Europe with routes to cities like Szczecin, Varna, Kutaisi and Cracow.

Berlin is this year’s high flyer
The most popular destination in the Top 10 is still London. Despite a drop of 3.3% in March, there were still an impressive 178,372 travellers. So far this year, 502,779 passengers have flown on the routes to London.

This year’s high flyer on the list is Berlin. In the first months of this year, the total number of travellers between Copenhagen and Berlin increased by 18.4% to 145,204.